January Workshop Event – ‘For the Home’

Workshop Event – ‘For the Home’ – Saturday, January 27, 2017 – 12-2pm

Learn how to make natural products enhanced with essential oils and herbs! I use a variety of essential oil brands and do not sell the oils themselves.

The cost for this class includes instruction, the recipe, the product that you create and all the supplies.

Dish Detergent: $15 – 48 oz plus container (Grapefrtuit, Lavender, Mint or Sage) 96 loads ($0.16/load)

Multi-purpose Cleaning Solution: $6 – 16 oz spray bottle (Clean Lemon or Wild Orange)

Laundry Detergent: $40 – 5 gallon bucket (Rosemary Mint or Lavender) approx. 400 loads ($0.10/load)

Insect Repellent: $6 – 4 oz spray bottle (Great as an add-on item)

Lavender Air Freshener: $5 – 4 oz spray bottle (Lavender is a natural anti-bacterial and anti-deoderant!)


Pick one or many products per workshop.

Pre-registration required. Limited number of spots.


How to Sign up:

Call me at 309-657-4203, email me at thepathtopersonalwellness@hotmail.com, or use the Contact tab to send me a message with your name, what workshop(s) you want to sign up for and what product(s) you would like to make!

Looking forward to seeing everyone!


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